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The Office of Facilities Management and Maintenance (OFMM) provides guidance and support to the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM), state agencies and the Administration on the preservation of capital assets through the development of comprehensive and cost-effective maintenance and management strategies.

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Hope Davis
Deputy Commissioner

Facilities Management & Maintenance (OFMM) provides a full range of customer services in the planning, design, funding, and management of Commonwealth assets, with the goal of providing resources and strategies to extend asset life, minimize operating costs, and maximize efficiency, thereby assisting Commonwealth agencies in meeting their core missions.

To provide these facilities services, DCAMM has developed an Asset Stewardship model of facilities management.

Asset Stewardship reflects DCAMM OFMM’s approach to the maintenance and care of Commonwealth facilities. This approach focuses on extending the lifecycle of buildings by promoting effective facility management strategies and by creating metrics and standards to measure facility performance. Services offered to all Commonwealth facilities are covered in the scope of Statewide Asset Stewardship. Services offered to facilities where DCAMM provides facilities maintenance and management responsibilities are covered in the scope of DCAMM Building Asset Stewardship.

OFMM accomplishes this though a multi-disciplinary approach, utilizing subject matter experts to offer consultation, training, assessment, and execution of maintenance and management solutions.

Energy & Sustainability

Working to help facilities attain goals in sustainable design and construction and improve levels of energy and water efficiency for existing, renovated, and new buildings.

Environmental Services

Providing environmental consulting, project management, and emergency response services to DCAMM and outside agencies.

Deferred Maintenance Program

A program dedicated to addressing the capital repair needs of Commonwealth facilities. Most Deferred Maintenance projects address life safety matters essential to ensuring that facilities remain open and safe for building occupants. 

Facility Resources, Planning, and Standards

Assisting Commonwealth Agencies with their deferred maintenance projects by prioritizing, funding and managing these needs. 

Interior Planning and Design

Supporting the interior planning needs on DCAMM's Capital Construction and Leasing Projects. Also, providing space planning and design services to other Commonwealth Agencies.

Facility Occupant Information - State Office Buildings

Especially for occupants and visitors of the State Office Buildings managed by the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM).  Learn important building contacts, policies, practices and procedures.

Facilities Technical Services

Facilities Technical Services manages and maintains equipment and engineering systems for DCAMM facilities.

Operations and Property Management

Providing direction and support by offering programs that ensure industry standards are being used for building operations and maintenance at DCAMM operated facilities.

Security and Life Safety

Supporting Emergency Management and Fire Safety Standards while ensuring the safety of facilities and personnel.

Capital Asset Management Information Program

DCAMM, in partnership with ANF-IT, administers the state's capital asset management information platform.

Maintenance Information for State Facilities Professionals & Massachusetts Facilities Management Association (MAFMA)

A network of state facilities managers that meet periodically to discuss specific topics of interest with the aim toward increased information sharing and problem solving.

Facilities Management and Maintenance Standards (FMMS)

FMMS are intended to serve as minimum standards for all state-owned facilities and represent the current best practices for facilities management and maintenance. FMMS are designed to meet the Commonwealth’s commitments, maximize the efficiency of business processes, and comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Service Delivery and Quality Performance Requirements (SDQPR)

The SDQPRs describe how services will be performed and managed to meet the requirements established in the Facility Management and Maintenance Standards (FMMS) for Commonwealth facilities. The SDQPRs also establish consistency in service delivery and a method for measuring performance over time.

Statewide Accessibility Initiative

DCAMM's Statewide Accessibility Initiative was conceived in 2010 as a program to assist Commonwealth’s agencies make decisions that would improve their compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA), using a combination of policy development, program access planning, building operations and maintenance procedures, and priorities for capital spending. 

MAssets - Reports on Real Property

The Real Property Report provides data on Commonwealth owned land, buildings and other improvements throughout state.