Bridgewater Correctional Complex Cogeneration Plant recenly received an Energy Star CHP Award for their 1,500 kW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) System. CHP, also known as cogeneration, is an efficient, clean, and reliable approach to generating power and thermal energy from a single fuel source.

The CHP System at Bridgewater Correctional Complex utilizes a Kawasaki natural gas-fired combustion turbine to generate nearly 80 percent of the complex's annual electricity demand and meets the State NOx emission requirements without the need for add-on pollution controls.

Installation of the CHP System was part of a larger comprehensive energy and water retrofit project completed in 2007. According to calculations obtained from the EPA, the project resulted annually in C02 reductions that are the equivalent in greenhouse gas emission savings of:

  • 909 homes energy use in one year,
  • Taking 1,809 cars off the road for one year, of that the cogeneration is about 600 cars.
  • 2,271 acres of forest CO2 sequestering in a year.

Project Highlights:

DCAM Project Team Members Included:
Deputy Director - Paul Chroniak
Program Manager - John DiModica/Jenna Ide
Energy Planner- Jenna Ide
Deputy Director - Don Mailloux
Project Manager - Catherine Walsh
Project Engineer - Jack McDermott
Project Engineer - Bob Harvey
Commissioning Agent: ADI, --John Rizzo

Cost and Savings:
Total Project Cost - $16,829,091
Total Guaranteed Savings over term of project - $27,632,873
Annual Guaranteed Savings (after year 2) - $1,528,265 (varies by about $25,000 annually based upon efficiency of cogen)

Link to EPA website announcing details of this award:

Bridewater Correctional Complex CHP System

This information is provided by the Division of Capital Asset Management .