CAMIS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the minimum computer resource required to run CAMIS?

CAMIS graphic

What do I need to do to begin using CAMIS?

All state agencies have been invited to participate in CAMIS training. Please contact Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance CAMIS Help Desk to schedule proper user training. The CAMIS Help Desk can be reached by e-mail CamisHelpdesk.DCAM@State.MA.US, fax (617) 727-4043 or by phone (617) 727-4030 x 31527, 31500, 31533, 31319, 31371 or 31208. Upon completion of all the necessary training, users will be provided with login ID and passwords to start utilizing CAMIS.

For your first time accessing CAMIS, an initial automatic installation is required. This installation is very intuitive and virtually automatic but it requires the administrator rights to your desktop.

Can I use the CAMIS software to schedule maintenance on equipment not included in the survey?

Yes. Please refer to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) - 06 Entering New Equipment & New Preventive Maintenance. pdf format of 06 - Entering New Equipment & New Preventive...

How do I correct inaccurate surveyed information in CAMIS?

If the survey data is inaccurate, please refer to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) -   08 Review Pre-loaded Data & Set Up Local Data at CAMIS Start-up pdf format of 08 Rev Preload Data/Set Up Loc Data CAMIS Start-up
to see the appropriate procedure to make the correction.

When I enter a service request, the List of Values for Site, Building or Floor is there but nothing for the Rooms?

Please check your Floor records make sure they have been assigned with Active Status. If a Floor has an Inactive Status, they would not be listed in the List of Values in Service Request Form. Users may assign Active Status to Floors and Rooms upon data entry or they may go back and update the Status.

Is there a way to print a report on open Work Orders by Floor?

There is no packaged report for open Work Orders by Floor. However, you can view open Work Orders by Floors by drilling down in the Facilities Workbench. You first locate the Building, then view the Floors in the Building, then view the Work Order backlog for each Floor.

When I print the Batch Work Order report why it does not print my Route Work Orders?

In order to batch print Route Work Orders you have to run the "Route Work Order Ticket" in the "Work Order" folder.

I cannot log into CAMIS, or I cannot log in all the way. What should I do?

CAMIS requires a particular technical environment for successful operations. If you cannot log in to CAMIS please check the following.

  • In your computer's control panel, check for the presence of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
  • In your computer's control panel, click on the "Internet Options" icon. Under the "General" tab, click the buttons "Delete Cookies" and "Delete Files", and the "OK" button at the bottom of the tab.
  • Popup Blockers and/or Toolbars can negatively affect CAMIS. The presence of multiple toolbars can have particularly negative effects. If you cannot log into CAMIS, you may need to disable popup blockers and/or delete one or more of your toolbars.
  • Check your browser. If you are using Mozilla, Netscape, or a browser other than Internet Explorer, you may have problems accessing CAMIS.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer 7, open the "Internet Options" on your computer's control panel, It will open "Internet Properties". Click the "Advanced" and check the box "Enable third Party Browser extensions". You will have to restart your computer for this to take effect.

If none of these steps work, please e-mail the CAMIS Helpdesk at CamisHelpdesk.DCAM@State.MA.US ,

What is Self Service?

CAMIS includes a Self Service Feature (FSS) which allows staff members to request services directly over the Internet. Individual institutions may incorporate this feature directly into their web site or place the Self Service Icon on the desk top. For larger organizations, incorporating Self Service into the institution's own web site is usually more efficient. Using this technique, persons having institutional email accounts can access the Self Service feature by using their institutional log on. However, software interfaces between CAMIS and the institution's personnel directory must be developed. This technique is used by the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, and it has significantly improved their response time to customer requests.

For smaller institutions, using the desk top icon to access CAMIS Self Service is recommended, although this will entail more in-house administration than if Self Service were incorporated into the institution's web site, This technique is used by the Essex County Sheriff's Department, Holyoke Soldiers' Home and Bureau of State Buildings. As with UMASS Lowell, response time to service requests has improved. Also, wherever Self Service is used, facilities managers and service providers have found it to be a useful tool in tracking problems by type, frequency, and severity, leading to better planning and resource management.