Work Order Batch Printing:

If you get a blank page from Acrobat Reader when you try to do a Work Order Batch Printing, you probably have too many temporary files in your Internet Temp File folder. Please delete them and follow the following steps to set the Internet Options to automatically empty the temporary files for you. This unfortunately will not help you with reprinting them. Once the Batch Printing process is finished, even though the report did not come out, all the Work Orders' Batch Printing flags have been unchecked. Please contact CAMIS Helpdesk for assistance if you do not want to recheck the Work Orders one by one in CAMIS:

  • Open the MS Internet Explorer from Browser
  • Click on the Tools from Toolbars
  • Select the Internet Options…
  • Click on the Advanced Tab
  • Make sure the "Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed" box is checked under Security.
  • Click the OK Button
  • Close all the Browser Windows
  • Restart your computer, and try to batch print Work Order again

Check the survey data for accuracy:

  • Review equipment/system inventory
  • Review equipment/system condition
  • Report inconsistencies to DCAMM

Prepare to use the system by:

  • Checking employee information/editing as necessary
  • Adding account information
  • Adding floor and room data

Using CAMIS With Internet Explorer 7 & 8

Currently, CAMIS does not support Internet Explorer 8. If you are having problems with using Internet Explorer 7, here are a few solutions the CAMIS team has come up with.

If you are having a problem with IE7 closing as soon as you open CAMIS, you will need to do this.

  1. Go to folder C:\Program Files\Java\jrex.x.x_xx\bin\client and copy jvm.dll
  2. Then go to C:\Program Files\Oracle\JInitiator x.x.x.xx\bin\hotspot and rename jvm.dll to jvm.old
  3. Then right-click and paste the jvm.dll you copied from step 1
  4. Open CAMIS and see if it is working.

Another problem the CAMIS team has encountered is the Windows Live Add-on to Internet Explorer. To correct the problem, uninstall the Windows Live Add-on and any associated toolbars. Then reboot your pc.

If you continue to have problems, contact the CAMIS team for assistance.

Take advantage of Attachments in CAMIS

Almost every building record in CAMIS has a building photo attached as part of the record. Users may, at their discretion, add raster images of floor plans, aerial photographs, and/or .dwf AutoCad files to their building records.

Additionally, text documents in virtually any format, private notes, and links to particular web sites can be added to CAMIS site records, building records, equipment records, and work orders.

Such documentation can be useful to building managers, trades staff, and any parties needing to know specific building and equipment information.