CAMIS Tool Control Module

The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) is pleased to announce the new CAMIS module/function, "Tool Control", that is installed, configured, tested and available for all CAMIS User Agencies. This added function addressed the needs that several CAMIS users conveyed to us in their implementation of CAMIS.

The Tool Control module is a comprehensive system for managing the tools facilities staff use for maintenance and production. Tool Control is part of the CAMIS program and works seamlessly with other modules. The system controls and tracks the entire process of lending, returning, receiving, transferring and adjusting tools. More details on this module from FAMIS, the vendor of the CAMIS program, Tool Control pdf format of tool_control.pdf
is attached here. Please contact the CAMIS Help Desk at CamisHelpdesk.DCAM@State.MA.US if you are interested in seeing a demonstration or if you would like assistance in implementing the Tool Control module.