• Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Buildings Group (E-Team)

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    The "Energy Team" (also known as the E-Team) is a business unit of the Facilities Management and Maintenance group at the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM). The E-Team works to ensure that facilities attain practicable goals in sustainable design and construction and achieve optimal levels of energy and water efficiency for existing, renovated, and new buildings.

    The E-Team assists DCAMM's client agencies to achieve these goals by providing technical assistance, including consultant expertise and facilitation of energy and water conservation activities for state building and renovation projects.

    The E-Team also coordinates agency participation in utility companies' energy efficiency incentive programs and manages energy savings "performance contracts"- retrofit projects completed for the purpose of solving energy and water savings at state facilities.

    The E-Team is active in many inter-agency forums and works to improve energy efficiency and sustainability wherever possible, statewide.

    The E-Team

    Hope Davis, Director
    Jenna Ide, Deputy Director
    Tony Ransom, Program Manager
    James Freeley, Program Manager
    Dan Jarmolowicz, Energy Planner
    Dave Lewis, Energy Project Planner
    Michael Reinhardt, Energy Project Planner
    Krista Lillis, Energy Project Planner
    John Crisley, Energy Project Planner
    Jeremy Caron, Energy Project Planner
    Heidi Green, Energy Project Planner
    Ryan Harold, Energy Planner
    Jessica Brand, Energy Planner
    Chris McIntosh, Energy Planner
    Kaitlyn Menyo, Energy Planner
    Sally Miller, Energy Planner
    Raymond Soohoo, Energy Planner
    Erin Conway, Business Management Specialist
    David Lewin, Management Analyst
    Pat Peterson, Management Analyst
    Stephen White, Office Assistant

  • Accelerated Energy Program


    A program launched to accelerate the implementation of energy and water projects across the Commonwealth and help meet the goals of Executive Order 484.

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  • Executive Order 484 - Leading By Example: Clean Energy and Efficient Buildings

    This Executive Order builds on a number of the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance's current initiatives, while setting more specific and far-reaching targets for state facilities.