• What is the Accelerated Energy Program (AEP)?

    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts manages more than 80 million square feet of buildings at hundreds of sites which annually consume more than 1 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, 22 million gallons of heating oil, and 46 million therms of natural gas, and create 1.1 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

    The Accelerated Energy Program (“AEP”) was launched in January 2012 to accelerate the implementation of energy and water projects across the Commonwealth and help meet the goals of Executive Order 484. As part of the AEP, DCAMM, in coordination with the Department of Energy Resources and partner state agencies, identified 700 sites encompassing thousands of buildings throughout the Commonwealth. 

    It is estimated that the AEP will create sustainable job opportunities across the Commonwealth and save approximately $43 million annually through the conservation of energy and water. 

    Accelerated Energy Program Workshop
    Accelerated Energy Program Workshop

    The Goals of AEP include:
    • To expand the energy program to touch/green every site over three years while meeting long-term E.O. 484 targets.

    • To communicate effectively with employees and the public in order to inform and encourage participation in the AEP.

    • To ensure that the Commonwealth maintains its top national energy efficiency ranking (as cited by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy) through implementation of innovative and economical energy solutions.

    • To employ continuous commissioning (a process that involves facility staff in regular review of equipment performance and calibration) to improve facility operation & maintenance.

    • To create sustainable job opportunities across the Commonwealth as a result of this initiative.

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    What if I have questions?

    Contact the AEP management team.  We want to hear from you and are happy to provide information on the AEP and DCAMM’s energy efforts!

    For more Information on DCAMM:

    Web:    www.mass.gov/dcamm

    Email:    info.dcamm@state.ma.us

    Phone: 617-727-4050

    For more Information on the Accelerated Energy Program:

    Web:    www.mass.gov/dcamm/aep