On April 18, 2007, Executive Order 484 - Leading By Example: Clean Energy and Efficient Buildings. pdf format of energy_eo484_final.pdf
was announced.

This Executive Order 484  pdf format of energy_eo484_final.pdf
builds on a number of the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance's (DCAMM's) current initiatives, while setting more specific and far-reaching targets for state facilities. Specific goals and objectives of particular importance to DCAMM are outlined below.

All Commonwealth agencies as a whole, and to the greatest extent feasible individually, shall meet the following goals by 2012:

  • 25% greenhouse gas emission reductions from 2002 levels
  • 20% energy reduction per square foot from 2004 levels
  • 15% of energy consumption procured from renewable energy sources (either through purchase of renewable energy or through installation of on-site resources)
  • 10% reduction in water use from 2006 levels

(Note: Larger goals for greenhouse gas emission reductions, energy use reductions, renewable energy consumption and water reduction are targeted for 2020 and 2050.)

  • All new construction and major renovation over 20,000 square feet must meet MassLEED Plus requirements. All new construction under 20,000 square feet must meet MassLEED Plus, achieve 20% above the Mass Energy Code, or meet the Advanced Buildings energy criteria.

DCAMM is charged with:

  • Initiating comprehensive large-scale energy efficiency projects at all appropriate facilities over 100,000 square feet.
  • Undertaking "retro-commissioning" at all applicable buildings over 50,000 square feet
  • Considering energy performance in siting and procuring leased space
  • Developing a facility maintenance program for lighting and HVAC systems
  • Supporting training of client agency personnel on energy, water and sustainable practices
  • Assisting in the development of an Energy Information System to track agency energy use

DCAMM is already implementing projects to achieve the goals of this Executive Order.