• Energy Credit Market

    The Division of Capital Asset Mangement (DCAM) has contracted with Nexant, Inc., to sell these credits on the market. Nexant is a registered broker for a variety of energy credits. This is a state-wide contract, open to authorities and municipalities.
  • Demand Response and the Forward Capacity Market (FCM)

    As part of the Independent System Operator - New England's (ISO-NE) FCM effort, the ODR program is split into two major categories for receiving payments for load management efforts at a facility or municipality: Demand Response (Emergency Generation/Load Curtailment) and On-Peak reduction (also know as Other Demand Response).
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis

    Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) estimates the true cost of a building, or its components over its anticipated lifetime.
  • Utility Rebates for State Agencies

    The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Buildings Group (E-Team) works with state electric and natural gas utilities to identify utility rebates that may be obtained as part of construction projects. These construction projects can be either a renovation of an existing building or a new building construction project.