Other Demand Response (ODR) Program

As part of the Independent System Operator - New England's (ISO-NE) FCM effort, the ODR program is split into two major categories for receiving payments for load management efforts at a facility or municipality: Demand Response (Emergency Generation/Load Curtailment) and On-Peak reduction (also know as Other Demand Response).

Demand Response
Demand Response through emergency generation (on peak curtailment) is an award-winning program that every large electricity-consuming facility should consider. In essence, the facility commits to reducing electrical load on demand from the grid manager (ISO-New England). If the facility can shed 100 kW (or more) within 30 minutes of notification, and maintain the shedding for a few hours, ISO-NE will pay for this grid security. The shedding events normally coincide with the hottest days of the year.

The Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM) has a state-wide contract in place with an energy aggregator (CPower, Inc.) who will survey the facility for program potential, enroll the facility in the program, arrange for metering, and coach them in how to perform. DCAM also maintains an expendable trust through which the earnings are passed back to the enrolled facilities that performed. The program earned over 2.5 million dollars for facilities in its first four years.

Facilities with robust control systems and savvy managers can also use CPower to participate in the ISO's day-ahead market. Interested facility managers should discuss this lucrative program with CPower to determine if it's right for them.

For more information on ISO-New England's Demand Response program, please go to: http://www.iso-ne.com/genrtion_resrcs/dr/index.html

State facilities, authorities and municipalities interested in using this contract should contact Dave Lewis at 413-577-6283.

For a copy of the contract for the Demand Response program go to the following link: CPower Contract pdf format of cpower_cost_proposal.pdf
, or see this link to the RFR for contract terms and conditions RFR FAC 56 pdf format of fac56_rfr.pdf

On-Peak Reduction
The On-Peak program is another ISO-New England program that is designed to support the future electrical needs of the region. What this means for our facilities is that the ISO will pay for reduction of that future need, either through installation of energy efficient systems, use of co-generation, or use of renewable energy products. Projects that would typically qualify well for this type of program include energy conservation improvement projects done via the E-Team at the Office of Facilities Maintenance although projects that are done independently are good candidates as well. DCAM will register these type projects with the ISO on behalf of the facilities, and return the earnings to them via the expendable trust.

For more information on ISO-New England's FCM program, please go to: http://www.iso-ne.com/markets/othrmkts_data/fcm/index.html or contact John Crisley john.crisley@state.ma.us (617-727-4030 ext 31561).

While DCAM has some awareness of the type projects that would qualify, facilities may complete these projects on their own. Contact John Crisley if you have completed such a project, and he will work with you to get your project registered.