The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Buildings Group (E-Team) works with state electric and natural gas utilities to identify utility rebates that may be obtained as part of construction projects. These construction projects can be either a renovation of an existing building or a new building construction project.

During the design phase of projects, the E-Team works with the relevant utility companies to determine the incremental capital cost difference between a design that meets the state building code for energy efficiency and a design that exceeds the building code requirements. DCAMM or the Facility and the utility company(s) then execute on agreement committing the utility to fund a portion of the incremental cost.

The E-Team has applied its experience with utility-funded design programs to work with agency staff to incorporate energy efficient measures into design, even if utility funding is not available.

The E-Team can also assist State Agencies with obtaining utility incentives for small stand alone energy projects, which are particularly suited for facilities or buildings under 50,000 sq. ft.

To determine your State Agencies potential to be a part of this program, email or call Jim Freeley at or 617-727-4030 ext 31239.

Please see this link for State Utility Map pdf format of electric_utility_districts_2008.pdf
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