• Sustainable Design at DCAMM

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    Sustainable design can be achieved by undertaking collaborative and conscious design and product selection choices and without lowering construction quality or aesthetics, increasing costs, or making program sacrifices.

    Sustainably designed buildings are high performance buildings that meet the fiscal and programmatic responsibilities of the Commonwealth's agencies.

    The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) has developed guidelines for incorporating principles of sustainable design into building construction and major renovation projects. The Energy Efficiency & Sustainable Buildings Group advises DCAMM project staff and consulting design teams on strategies to prevent pollution in construction and renovation projects. The Group works with project engineers and project managers and, through research and life-cycle analysis, offers project-specific information and design specifications on materials, designs and technologies that increase efficiency and reduce a building's impact on occupants and the environment. When cost effective, these materials, practices and technologies are incorporated into the projects.
  • Sustainable Design Program Features, Policy and Goals

  • Information Sources for Green Building and Sustainable Design

    Massachusetts State Agencies, Federal Agencies, and other organizational resources on Green Building and Sustainable Design.