Executive Order 543, Implementing Integrated Facilities Management in the Commonwealth, was signed on July 24, 2012. This Executive Order directed a shared services approach to statewide facilities management and maintenance for Commonwealth facilities. A key component of the Executive Order is the development and establishment of universal Facilities Management and Maintenance Standards (FMMS) that require all buildings to meet a base level of quality standards. FMMS are intended to enhance and build a high quality stewardship of Commonwealth assets and promote uniform care of buildings. The standards also provide consistency in service delivery and a method for measuring performance over time. The FMMS are applicable to the entire Commonwealth portfolio.

The FMMS in this manual serve as benchmarks for facilities management and maintenance functions under the statewide Integrated Facilities Management Initiative managed and implemented by the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance. FMMS are intended to serve as minimum standards for all state-owned facilities and represent the current best practices for facilities management and maintenance. FMMS are designed to meet the Commonwealth’s commitments, maximize the efficiency of business processes, and comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

The implementation of universal standards will promote consistency in DCAMM’s Integrated Facility Management approach and will support meaningful, quantitative metrics in terms common throughout the Commonwealth, and the ability to statistically analyze performance and relative variances when gaps exist.

Specialized facilities like hospitals and correctional institutions which must comply with specific requirements of the Joint Commission and other comparable standards-based organizations will be addressed in facility-specific supplements to the FMMS.

FMMS are to be used in conjunction with governing standards referenced in this document as well as any specific additional requirements for each type of facility.

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