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Table of Contents


Acronyms and Glossary of Terms

1. IFM Executive Summary

1.1. Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) Principles
1.2. Administration Initiates IFM
1.3. The Vision for IFM
1.4. IFM in Action
1.5. Realizing Economic Benefits for the Commonwealth

2. Core IFM Capabilities

2.0. Introduction
2.1. Organization Design
2.2. Service Delivery
2.3. Standards and Performance Metrics
2.4. Professional Development

3. Finance and Technology

3.0. Introduction
3.1 Finance & Budgeting
3.2. Technology Support

4. Collaborative Governance and Communications

4.1. Collaborative Governance and Leadership
4.2. Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

5. High Performing Facilities Management and Real Estate

5.1. Becoming a High Performing Facilities Management & Real Estate Organization
5.2. Adopting a High Performing Facilities Management & Real Estate Model

6. Appendices

A1: Executive Order
A2: Commonwealth Facilities Advisory Council
A3: Service Delivery
A4: Standards and Performance Metrics
A5: Phase 1 – Next 12 Month IFM Integration Opportunities
A6: IFM Governance Process Flow Templates