• Massachusetts Facilities Managers Association (MAFMA)

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    The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance's (DCAMM's) Office of Facilities Management and Maintenance (OFMM) has established a network of state facilities managers, the Massachusetts Facilities Managers Association (MAFMA), that meets periodically to discuss specific topics of interest with the aim toward increased information sharing and problem solving.
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  • MAFMA Training and Tutorials

    The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance's (DCAMM's) Office of Facilities Management and Maintenance, Massachusetts Facilities Managers Association (MAFMA) coordinates training opportunities for facilities personnel throughout the Commonwealth.
  • Tool Barn Now Available at DCAMM's Lancaster Office !!

    A program to assist in the repair and maintenance of state facilities. The Tool Barn lends out a variety of tools and equipment to agencies based on the program guidelines.
  • Facility Management Maintenance Manuals

    A collection of O & M manuals and facility related information collected as useful reference material. They are public documents and may be adapted to your unique needs. Please forward links for other related documents to francis.tagan@state.ma.us for addition to this list.
  • Facility Management Resources and Links

    MAFMA has compiled the following list of links on topics relevant to facilities operations and maintenance. Please forward other suggested links to fancis.tagan@state.ma.us for addition to this list.
  • Specifications to Conduct Maintenance Services

    The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) Office of Facilities Maintenance (OFM) has developed a referral service for procurement specifications to aid Massachusetts State Facilities Professionals with building maintenance service activities.
  • Guideline to Conduct In-House Study

    A guideline to aid State Facilities Managers in conducting an in-house Study for projects with an estimated construction ≥ $100,000
  • Maintenance Contracting Guidelines rtf format of 			Maintenance Contracting Guidelines

    A guideline document to assist Massachusetts State Facilities personnel in the procurement of maintenance or repair projects.