• In-House Study - Step 1  rtf format of In-House Study - Step 1

    Step 1 - Agencies requesting funding of a deferred maintenance building project with an estimated construction cost (ECC) of $100,000 - $2,000,000 are required to submit a study to the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) prior to, or concurrent with, the request for transfer of project funds. The study must be certified by DCAMM’s Commissioner before design and construction funds are released. Agencies or their “House Doctors” should use this template in writing a study to be submitted for certification.
  • In-House Study - Step 2  rtf format of In-House Study - Step 2

    Step 2 -  Attachment 6: This form should be completed by Agencies as part of a study when requesting project certification from DCAMM.
  • In-House Study - Step 3  rtf format of In-House Study - Step 3

    Step 3 – Attachment 7: Study Certification Signature Form should be completed by agency and submitted with Step 2 form when requesting study certification.