• McCormack Building Operations

    McCormack Operations oversees the operation of the McCormack Building: monitors performance of and manages private contractors for cleaning, mechanical maintenance, grounds, pest control and life safety systems. The office is located in Room 107 of the McCormack Building at (617) 727-4100.  Building Contacts
  • Emergencies in Facilities

    The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) Safety, Security and Parking Department establishes fire and emergency response plans, including evacuation plans and procedures. The Safety, Security and Parking Department also organizes evacuation teams, which are set up by either Agency or floor to function as organizers to facilitate the safe evacuation of those who work in, or visit DCAMM facilities. Evacuation teams, which are picked by DCAMM, consist of a Team Leader, Assistant Team Leader, Area Monitor, Stairwell Monitor, and Handicap (HP) Assistant. Evacuation Team Leaders (ETLs) provide team profile information (number of team members, evacuation routes, number of persons requiring assistance, etc.), which DCAMM maintains and distributes as necessary for both operational and training purposes. The Safety, Security and Parking Department holds evacuation team meetings and training sessions throughout the year.
  • McCormack Building Emergency Plan  pdf format of 12-10-23-mccormack-emergency-plan

  • McCormack Building Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Security, Safety & Parking

    The Security Department ensures a safe and secure environment for visitors, state building customers, and employees. The Security Department establishes and implements security and safety policies and procedures, provides for emergency response planning, manages contracts for security services and equipment maintenance and repair, provides Photo ID/Access Cards for employees , maintains strict key control, and manages employee parking operations. The best way to contact the Security Department regarding security, safety, or employee parking issues is at this e-mail security.dcamm@state.ma.us
  • Parking Policies and Procedures

    Parking policies and procedures guide for authorized personnel and visitors to DCAMM Parking Facilities (McCormack Garage, Saltonstall Garage, Hurley Garage and Merrimac Street parking lot). 

  • Identification Cards

    The Photo Identification (ID) Application Form is only available to Agency liaisons.  

    Walk-in ID hours: 
    Monday and Friday, 11:00am to 12:00pm - State House Room 13 (Room 13 is located on the basement level in the Annex at the bottom of the central stairway, enter the State House at the Bowdoin/Ashburton Park entrance, take a left and walk to the end of the hallway.)

    Wednesday, 11:00 - 12:00pm - McCormack Room 201 

    Replacement Cards:  Available only at State House, Room 13 either during “Drop in” ID hours or by appointment.  Appointments can only be requested by agency liaison.

    Appointments for other ID hours may be scheduled by the Agency’s liaison sending e-mail to security.dcamm@state.ma.us

    Employee must bring his/her ID application form signed by the Agency’s liaison to their Photo ID appointment.

    ID liaisons are responsible to notify DCAMM Security department ( security.dcamm@state.ma.us)  immediately when an employee leaves state service, so that DCAMM can deactivate the Photo ID access cards. All such cards must be returned immediately to DCAMM Security Office currently located in the State House, Room 13.

  • McCormack Building Operations Contacts

  • Incident Report links to Word file

  • DCAMM Control Center

    Located in Room 109 of the McCormack Building, the Control Center is available during regular business hours to respond to facilities questions within the Hurley, Lindemann, McCormack Buildings and State House.

  • Law Enforcement Officer Access

  • McCormack Loading Dock/Contractor Access

  • McCormack Conference Room Request

  • McCormack Contractor Work Permit

  • Work Order Request Form

  • McCormack Building Main Entry Improvements

    mclobby thumb
    This project will improve building accessibility through replacement of the existing Main entry doors (on Ashburton Place), replacement of the Lobby turnstiles, repairs to the Bowdoin Street stairs, and the associated mechanical and electrical service.