• State House Art Collection

    The State House Art Collection commemorates significant historical events, elected officials and private citizens who have shaped the course of the Commonwealth. Service, sacrifice and outstanding contribution are honored through paintings, sculptures, wall plaques, murals, and historic artifacts. Since 1910 the collection has been overseen by the Massachusetts Art Commission, a five member volunteer board appointed by the governor under General Laws, chapter 6, sections 19 and 20. As curators, the board directs policy and programming to preserve the Commonwealth’s permanent collection, reviews designs for new additions, and addresses issues related to the collections care. The Art Collections Manager is responsible for overseeing the Collections, developing and implementing all programs for care, conservation and collections maintenance, and for addressing inquiries regarding the State House, the Art, Artifact and Flag Collections, public art, scholarly research, and collections care posed by the museum, education, and other cultural communities, as well as the general public.
  • Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 6, Section 20 pdf format of MGL Chapter 6, Section 20

  • Art Acquisition Guidelines and Critieria for the State House pdf format of Art Acquisition Guidelines and Critieria

  • Art Reproduction and Publishing Guidelines pdf format of Art Reproduction and Publishing Guidelines

  • Art Commission Guidelines for Filming pdf format of Art Commission Guidelines for Filming

  • Annual Reports

  • Annual Report of the Art Commission 2012 pdf format of Annual Report of the Art Commission 2012

  • Annual Report of the Art Commission 2013 pdf format of Annual Report of the Art Commission 2013