Commonwealth of Massachusetts

MassachusettsArt Commission

State House, Room One

Boston, Massachusetts 02133

tel. (617) 727-1100 x 35517 / fax (617) 727-7700

Guidelines for Reproduction and Publishing of Images

On behalf of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Art Commission is pleased to provide images from the State House Art Collection and State House Flag Collection under the following terms:

Due to part-time staffing of this office, requests for images should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of anticipated deadlines, and are handled in the order in which they are received. Please plan ahead. Last minute, emergency requests will not be honored.

1) User should submit a request in writing explaining form of publication, publisher or producer, anticipated date of publication or airing, images requested, format requested, and context in which images will be used. Each request will be reviewed for appropriate use of images. Requests for commercial usage with no historical, educational or scholarly interest will not be considered. Requests for blanket permission in connection with a project will not be honored, nor will requests for permission "in perpetuity." The Art Commission expects to be informed in advance of each separate form of usage in connection with stated project, including any exhibition, advertising, promotion, or manipulation to other media forms.

2) Permission is granted exclusively to the User (requesting individual, company or institution) for one-time, non-exclusive use of the image for the purpose stated above. Rights may not be sold or transferred. Rights are granted for a period of not longer than five (5) years from date of contractual agreement. Future editions, re-prints, re-issue, transfer to video, CD-ROM, or other usage's of the image in connection with the original project must be made known and approved in advance by the Art Commission.

3) The Commonwealth charges a user fee for reproduction or publishing images from the collection, based on the attached schedule. User must submit proof of government or non-profit status to obtain a waiver of this fee. The Art Commission also requests one courtesy copy of each separate publication (including videos and CD-rom) or documentation in exhibition.

4) Except by cropping for detail, images may not be transformed or manipulated in any way that will distort the original appearance or character of the artwork, including duo-tone printing in other than black and white ink, without prior notification and approval of the Art Commission. In respect for the American flag, images of the national colors from any war may NOT be overwritten with text, screened, or over-printed with other images.

  • In cases of print publication or other static reproduction, objects must be identified by both title and

Collection. Identification lines must appear with the image. Courtesy lines and photo credits may appear in acknowledgements).

7) User shall confirm usage of images from the art collection, and its understanding and agreement to all terms and conditions, by signing and returning the agreement to the Art Commission.

8) The User will indemnify and hold harmless the Commonwealth from and against any or all claims, losses, liabilities, damages and expenses, including attorney fees actually incurred, which may result from any breach of the agreement once signed by both parties.

THIS FORM IS FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY, AND DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AGREEMENT OR PERMISSION. A separate form listing project titles, authors, images agreed upon, credit lines, etc. will be forwarded to the user for signature. Please telephone the above number with any questions.

Thank you.

Rev. 1/07


All images available in black and white.

All flag images available in either black-and-white or color, all formats.

Please confirm availability of art images in color in format required.

1. REPRODUCTION COSTS are charged if prints or transparencies are requested.

b/w prints, glossy, 5x7 or 8x10" …………………. $10.00 ea

color 8x10"prints, glossy…..……………………...$ 15.00 ea

Some requests, such as color transparencies or large format prints, require originals be sent to a local lab for processing. Please confirm cost of these services in advance. There is a $20.00 handling fee per order per order if lab services are needed. Rush orders are accepted at higher cost from the lab- please call for pricing.

617-426-0222 Please mention that your order will be placed through the Art Commission at the State House.

Checks for Lab Services are payable to: Spectrum Color Lab.

Note: Due to rapidly fluctuating lab fees, please confirm current reproduction costs before placing order by phone or e-mail: 617-727-1100 x 35517 or



There is no fee for images supplied for personal research purposes.

The following charges apply for publication of images from the art or flag collection, whether supplied

digitally, on a disk, or from the laboratory:

1-2 images…… $20.00

3-5 images….…$50.00

6-10 images….. $75.00

The above fees may be waived upon submission of not-for-profit status of organization, except when

a disk is requested. Courtesy copies of publication are still requested.

Checks made payable to: State House Special Events Fund.

Please note "Art Commission/collection images" in the memo area of your check.