The purpose of the IFM Open Door Newsletter is to help build a sense of community within each region and across the Commonwealth.  The goal is to provide you with on-going, clear communications about IFM, as well as an opportunity to voice your feedback to us!

You are encouraged to contact the IFM Regional Director or visit to get more detailed information or to get updates on the key milestones achieved through IFM.

We welcome your feedback on these newsletters so that we can include the content you find most valuable. Please e-mail your suggestions or questions to your Regional Director (listed at the end of this page) or send comments or questions to


Volume 4 - The IFM Fall Edition, October/November 2014

Volume 3 - The IFM Summer Edition, July 2014

Volume 2 - The IFM Spring Edition, March 2014

  Volume 1 - The IFM Journey Edition, December 2013


This map outlines the IFM regions in the Commonwealth, Wetern, Central, Northeast, Metro Boston, and Southeast
Region Map

Should you have questions about IFM, please contact us.

Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance
Telephone: 617-727-4050.

Ken Lortie, Deputy Commissioner of OFMM,
Sandra Duran, Director of IFM,
Elsie Petit-Frere, Metro Boston Regional Director,  
Ed Nicosia, Central Regional Director,   
Tom Tagan, Western Regional Director,
Dick Goulet, Northeast & Southeast Regional Director,