The mission of the Bureau of the State House (BSH) is to uphold the statutory duties of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 8. Further, it is the responsibility of the Bureau to provide a safe, secure workplace and visitor destination for both employees and customers, ensuring that all who enter the Massachusetts State House have a pleasant, secure, safe and healthy environment. The Bureau will continue to efficiently maintain and manage the state capital assets within budget, recognizing that it functions as a place of business, museum of art and history, and is a site for public assembly.

The Bureau of the State House is organized around several functional areas: Administration; Project Management; Safety and Security; Building Operations; ADA Compliance; the Art Commission; and Events Planning. 

Organizationally, BSH is comprised of a diverse workforce of 15 staff personnel including experts in facilities management and maintenance, security, safety, project planning & engineering, ADA compliance and events planning. BSH, in partnership with the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) maintains a number of key contractual relationships with firms that provide mechanical maintenance, fire alarm upkeep, cleaning/janitorial services and historic collections care.