On Saturday, July 30th, members of the DCAMM certification team exhibited at the National Urban League Conference in Boston. The goal of the presenters was to promote DCAMM certification for MBE/WBE firms and share information about the agency.

(DCAMM staff member Guido Federico is pictured at the conference)


DCAMM will be hosting a series of certification workshops around the state in the coming months. "DCAMM recognizes the importance of increasing the diversity of firms that can bid for state projects," said Commissioner Carole Cornelison. "We hope these workshops provide a valuable learning opportunity for MBE/WBE firms across the state."

To register for an upcoming workshop, visit our Certification Workshop Information page.

For further information see DCAMM's website at www.mass.gov/dcam/certification or call the DCAMM Contractor Certification Unit at (617) 727-4050.

This information is provided by the Division of Capital Asset Management .