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The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM), an agency within the Executive Office for Administration and Finance (A&F,) is responsible for capital planning, major public building construction, facilities management, and real estate services for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The agency was created by the legislature in 1980 to promote quality and integrity in the management and construction of the Commonwealth’s capital facilities and real estate assets.

DCAMM oversees the Commonwealth’s capital assets, totaling over 65 million square feet. The agency manages over $2 billion in capital projects, working with state agencies on the full cycle of their strategic facility needs.  DCAMM directly manages 5.5 million square feet of state buildings, and for those buildings not managed by DCAMM, we assist our client agencies using comprehensive and cost-effective maintenance and management strategies and standards. DCAMM is also responsible for all state real estate activities, including acquisition of property, disposition of surplus property and the leasing of space on behalf of state agencies, for offices and other facilities. DCAMM is an active participant in the Governor’s Open for Business Initiative, which is pursuing creative approaches to utilizing state-owned real estate assets through public-private partnerships, improved cooperation with cities and towns, and repurposing land adjacent to state functions still in use.

Carol Gladstone, Commissioner

Design & Construction of Public Buildings

Resources related to public building construction such as current and upcoming construction opportunities, contractor certification, relevant contracts and forms, the designer selection process and more.

Access and Opportunity

The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance's (DCAMM’s) Office of Access and Opportunity helps to create maximum value by expanding access and creating opportunities for contractors, subcontractors, women and minority owned businesses as well as other stakeholders in public construction. 

Construction Opportunities in Bid Room

Find information on construction related procurements.

Real Estate Management

DCAMM is working to maximize the use of state-owned real estate assets through public-private partnerships, close cooperation with cities and towns, and re-purposing land adjacent to state facilities still in use.  Find information on some of the Commonwealth’s latest real estate development opportunities.

Open for Business

The Commonwealth, the largest landowner in Massachusetts, has launched a business opportunity initiative called “Open for Business”. On October 19th, 2015 the Governor issued a challenge to state agencies across government to protect natural resources, create economic opportunity, build housing, manage these lands with professionalism and creativity, and to generate appropriate revenue from leases and other partnerships.

Leasing and State Office Planning

Learn how DCAMM is working to meet the office and space needs of state agencies.  Find our Leasing Manual which provides the framework and tools for facilities and space planning.

Facilities Management & Maintenance

Providing guidance and support to state agencies and the Administration on the preservation of capital assets through the development of comprehensive and cost-effective management and maintenance strategies.

State Office Buildings

 Managed by the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM)

Energy & Sustainability

Working to help facilities attain goals in sustainable design and construction and improve levels of energy and water efficiency for existing, renovated, and new buildings.

Capital Asset Management Information Program

DCAMM, in partnership with ANF-IT, administers the state's capital asset management information platform.

Maintenance Information for State Facilities Professionals & Massachusetts Facilities Management Association (MAFMA)

A network of state facilities managers that meet periodically to discuss specific topics of interest with the aim toward increased information sharing and problem solving.