The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) is pleased to present our strategic plan and performance measures under Executive Order 540, the Commonwealth’s Performance, Accountability, and Transparency initiative.  

We have been talking lately at DCAMM about how our work makes a difference in the lives of our customer agencies and those that they serve.  We know that our work is not just about buildings – it is about what happens inside those buildings that matters.  We can benefit so many people when we improve our service delivery. That is why our agency is so committed to transforming the way we do business, and this commitment is reflected in the plan that follows.  

This transformation will benefit our customers in two major ways.  First, we are expanding our mission into an entirely new area – direct management and maintenance of state-facilities through Integrated Facilities Management (IFM).  Embodied in Executive Order 543 signed by Governor Patrick in July 2012, this innovative approach to facilities management represents a comprehensive shift in the management and maintenance of the Commonwealth’s building assets using a shared services approach.  Our strategic plan is built around a simple idea: that by better coordination of our activities over the life-cycle of our buildings, we can make them last longer and cost less to operate.   IFM brings together all of the disciplines associated with sound building asset management – engineering, maintenance, planning, design, construction, energy, leasing, finance, real estate management and legal services – and applies them in a holistic, strategic approach to extend the life of critical facilities.

Second, we are focused on continuous process improvement in all areas of our business including those that have long been central to our mission.  Guided by the customer-centered principles of Lean Six Sigma, we are working to improve the efficiency of all of our business operations, while we enhance the overall quality of service.  By listening to our customers, and empowering our staff to implement data-driven process improvements, we will provide higher quality service, while delivering on the priorities of the Patrick-Murray Administration and A&F Secretary Glen Shor.


Carole Cornelison


The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance