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Elizabeth Minnis AIA, Deputy Commissioner

The Office of Planning, Design and Construction (OPDC) is responsible for all phases of state building project management from project initiation and development to final design and construction. The Office's project managers and engineers work closely with client agencies throughout the planning, design, and construction process. OPDC oversees the work of architectural and engineering firms who prepare building studies, and develop final design and construction documents, as well as the general contractors who perform work on both new construction, and building repair and maintenance projects.


OPDC provides the following services to its clients:

Programming Services

Programming services include all pre-design activities as required by statute for state building projects and public development initiatives including strategic long-range capital planning. OPDC oversees the development of a wide range of project studies including architectural programs, master plans, agency capital development plans, and feasibility studies. Project studies seek to:

  • Define the scope of the project in terms of space needs, required space program, maintenance and operational costs, construction costs and scope of work for final design.
  • Identify issues, needs and technical requirements for the particular activities for which space is required. This involves close work with client agencies throughout the study process.
  • Address problems of feasibility: site constraints and opportunities, permit requirements, technical concerns such as utilities, engineering and potential cost premiums.
  • Establish a basic framework for more detailed design decisions that must be made in subsequent phases of the project.

Design and Construction Services

Bob Barry, Director

Design and Construction Services include final design and construction activities for all state building projects. OPDC oversees new construction and major renovation projects including courthouses, correctional facilities, health and human service facilities, recreational facilities, state office buildings, and state and community college buildings. Other projects include preventive maintenance and emergency repairs, energy conservation and other efficiency improvements, environmental assessment and site remediation, and building improvements needed to meet accessibility requirements and fire, health and safety code compliance. Construction services provided by OPDC include:

  • Managing studies for preventive maintenance and needed repair projects.
  • Overseeing the development of final design documents for both new construction and renovation projects. OPDC's project managers and engineers work with clients and the project consultants to formulate designs that address the client's identified program needs and are responsive to the project budget.
  • Overseeing the development of detailed construction documents to guide new construction, renovation and repair projects.
  • Managing all aspects of construction for new buildings, renovation and repair projects. This includes overseeing the work of general contractors on each project.

Statewide Accessibility Initiative

DCAMM's Statewide Accessibility Initiative was conceived in 2010 as a program to assist Commonwealth’s agencies make decisions that would improve their compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA), using a combination of policy development, program access planning, building operations and maintenance procedures, and priorities for capital spending.  DCAMM, as the owner and developer of state-owned facilities, is in a unique position to assist agencies in addressing their accessibility compliance through master plans, design and construction of new and renovated buildings, deferred maintenance spending, and the procurement of leased properties.