Q    How can I request a Public Record from DCAMM?

A    The best way to request records from DCAMM is to complete the Public Records Request Form .  Try to be descriptive about the records you seek and tailor your request as much as possible.

Another way to request records is to send an e-mail to publicrecords.dcamm@state.ma.us.  

Both of these request formats are monitored closely and are designed to get you an efficient quick response.

Q    How long will it take to obtain the records I seek?

A     Unless the records are exempt from disclosure, DCAMM must provide you with an opportunity to review the records or a copy of the available records within 10 business days of your request.

Q    How will I receive my records?

A     In most cases, DCAMM will send you the records you seek as an attachment to an e-mail.  If that is not possible, DCAMM will mail you a copy of the documents or provide them for pick-up at our office, which ever you choose.

Q     How much will the records cost?  

A     In most cases, DCAMM will provide the record free of charge, as long as your request is straight forward and we are able to send you the documents as an attachement to an e-mail.  If your request is extensive or for commercial purposes, DCAMM may charge you a fee for your request.  The public records law allows for a fee of $0.05 per page for white regular sized copy.  In addition, the first 4 hours of employee time spent compiling your request is free, after that DCAMM may charge a maximum of $25/per hour.  DCAMM will provide you with an estimated invoice in advance of preparing an extensive request.