• Leasing and State Office Planning

    Learn how DCAMM is working to meet the office and space needs of state agencies.  Find our Leasing Manual which provides the framework and tools for facilities and space planning.

  • Comprehensive Real Estate Services

  • Open for Business - Real Estate Business Opportunity Initiative

    The Commonwealth through its Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM), in collaboration with select state agencies, has launched a business opportunity initiative, titled Open for Business, as part of a state-wide effort to maximize the full potential of Commonwealth real estate assets for the benefit of its cities and towns. The main areas of focus include real estate, economic development, utilities and telecommunications, green partnerships, advertising, retail and concessions.

  • MAssets - Reports on Real Property

    The Massachusetts Asset Management System (MAssets) in affiliation with the DCAMM Capital Asset Management Information System (CAMIS) records, maps and reports on the acquisitions, dispositions and land transactions of all Commonwealth owned and leased Real Property.  As of the publication of this report the Commonwealth owns over 14,395 land parcels in nearly all of the 351 cities and towns across the Commonwealth.  This totals over 716,167 acres of land and over 84 million gross square feet of building and other improvement space.
  • Surplus Property Program (OSD, excludes land and buildings)

    With the exclusion of land and buildings, departments must periodically assess their inventories of equipment, supplies, and materials. Surplus property includes, but is not limited to, office equipment and furniture, clothing, vehicles, and building materials that exceed departmental need.
  • Buying Surplus Property (OSD, excludes land and buildings)

    Information about the State's Surplus Property Program (SSP) as well as details about how to declare and obtain surplus property.