• Office of Real Estate Management Services

    Responsible for all acquisition and disposition of real property for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as pursuing creative approaches to utilization of state-owned real estate assets. Learn more about Appraisal Evaluation Services, Environmental Acquisitions, Land Use Planning/Community Planning Process, Legislative Land Bills, Licensing, Redevelopment Planning and more...

  • Open for Business

    The Commonwealth, the largest landowner in Massachusetts, has launched a business opportunity initiative called “Open for Business”. On October 19th, 2015 the Governor issued a challenge to state agencies across government to protect natural resources, create economic opportunity, build housing, manage these lands with professionalism and creativity, and to generate appropriate revenue from leases and other partnerships.
  • Major Real Estate Projects

    OREM has generated millions of dollars of revenue for the Commonwealth as well as created affordable housing units from the redevelopment and sale of land and buildings.
  • MAssets - Reports on Real Property

    The Real Property Report provides data on Commonwealth owned land, buildings and other improvements throughout state.
  • Telecommunications Program

    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, through the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance, provides an ongoing program which makes selected sites available for lease for communications infrastructure. These sites may provide excellent opportunities to improve the reliability of telecommunications networks across the state.
  • Office of Real Estate Management Procurement

  • Office of Real Estate Management Open Meeting Notices