All environmental acquisitions in the Commonwealth are sent to the Division of Capital Asset Management, Office of Real Estate Management (OREM) for review and approval. OREM approves the acquisition of real property interests by the Commonwealth under 301 CMR 51:00 pdf format of 301cmr51.pdf
for the purposes of conservation, and utilization of natural resources and open space. OREM's approval process includes the assessment of various documents such as surveys, attorney's certifications of title, copies of encumbrances and defects, documents evidencing compliance with the M.G.L. Chapter 7 40 E through 40 J, disclosure statements and any additional documents or attachments submitted to the agency.

Chart A below exhibits the number of transactions completed in year 2007 through 2010.

Chart A

Over the last three years alone, DCAM approved the acquisition of over 30,000 acres at a cost of over $100 million, as illustrated in the chart B.

Chart B

This information is provided by the Division of Capital Asset Management .