This 2016 Real Property Report, published on February 15, 2017, is based primarily on data from DCAMM’s Capital Asset Management Information System (CAMIS) database. As of the publication of this report the Commonwealth owns nearly 734,000 acres of land and over 88 million gross square feet of building and other improvements throughout state. The Commonwealth also leases over 7 million usable square feet of space from the private sector which are also detailed in this report.

The Real Property Report reflects updates provided to DCAMM by other agencies and/or compiled internally by the DCAMM CAMIS Team regarding the acquisition, disposition, or transfer of Commonwealth land and improvements, as well as private leases held by state agencies through DCAMM Office of Leasing.

Report on the Real Property Owned and Leased by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts  pdf format of Real Property Report - Comm of MA
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