The Massachusetts Asset Management System (MAssets) in affiliation with the DCAMM Capital Asset Management Information System (CAMIS) records, maps and reports on the acquisitions, dispositions and land transactions of all Commonwealth owned and leased Real Property.  As of the publication of this report the Commonwealth owns over 14,395 land parcels in nearly all of the 351 cities and towns across the Commonwealth.  This totals over 716,167 acres of land and over 84 million gross square feet of building and other improvement space.

The 84 million gross square feet of structures owned by the Commonwealth are diverse:  office buildings, university campuses, hospitals, highway depots, skating rinks, swimming pools, observation towers, sheds, residences and many more.  These assets are managed by many different state agencies who exercise care and control over the property.  The Commonwealth also leases over 7 million usable square feet of space from the private sector.

This 2015 MAssets Report includes real property data from 2014 to the present as has been reported to DCAMM.

MAssets - 2015 Report of Real Property Owned and Leased by the Commonwealth pdf format of 2015-massets-report.pdf
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