Beth Rubenstein, Deputy Commissioner

The Office of Real Estate Management (OREM) is responsible for the acquisition and disposition of real property for state agencies of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. OREM also pursues creative approaches to maximizing the use of state-owned real estate assets through public-private partnerships, close cooperation with cities and towns, and re-purposing land adjacent to state facilities still in use. It handles hundreds of different projects located in communities throughout the state. These projects yield significant social and economic benefits for the Commonwealth and its 351 cities and towns. OREM generates millions of dollars in revenue for the Commonwealth and provides the stimulus for local development and construction projects.

We welcome your ideas about how Massachusetts can honor our obligation to be stewards of our public lands while maximizing their value for the Commonwealth.  Please contact us with your suggestions.

Beth Rubenstein, Deputy Commissioner of Real Estate

Stephen Andrews, Director of Real Estate



Open for Business Initiative

The Commonwealth, the largest landowner in Massachusetts, has recently launched a business opportunity initiative entitled “Open for Business.” Under the leadership of Governor Charlie Baker’s office, OREM staff works closely with other state agencies and authorities to pursue creative approaches to the utilization of state owned real estate assets, including those no longer needed for state use and those still in use but with potential to accommodate additional uses. This is an opportunity for the state to partner with the private and nonprofit sector as we look to support economic development, affordable housing, renewable energy, and capital investment in state buildings

For additional information on this initiative, please see our Open for Business pages.

Land Use Planning Services/Redevelopment Planning Process
Complex real estate transactions often require the assistance of land use planning professionals to determine likely benefits and potential impacts related to the proposed redevelopment of state-owned assets. OREM directs and coordinates the activities of a variety of land use planning professionals – architects, engineers, real estate finance experts and others -- prior to public solicitation of proposals for the redevelopment of state-owned property.

Real Estate Disposition
OREM staff are responsible for the disposition of a wide range of surplus state-owned properties across the Commonwealth. This includes the fee sale of property and structures, the granting of easements across or under state-owned property, and the negotiation of leases to use state-owned property and structures.

Real Estate Acquisition
OREM manages, negotiates and acquires private land on behalf of state agencies in accordance with  M.G.L. Chapter 7C. Once proposals have been tendered, the due diligence process begins, including appraisals, environmental assessments, title exams, and surveys in order to deliver marketable title to the Commonwealth.

Environmental Acquisition
Under 301 CMR 51, DCAMM has the responsibility to review and approve the acquisition of real property interests by the Commonwealth for the purposes of conservation, development, and utilization of natural resources and open space. This review is carried out in cooperation with the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs and its agencies.

Appraisal Valuation Services
OREM, working in conjunction with competitively procured professional and independent appraisal firms, provides land and property valuation services to client agencies, municipalities and private sector parties involved in the acquisition, transfer, sale, or lease of state-owned property. Deliverables range from limited "opinions of value" to comprehensive analysis of the current and future economic viability of the region and municipality as it relates to current and future land values.

Legislative Land Bills
Legislative authorization is often required in order for OREM to convey state-owned surplus property to municipalities, non-profit entities, and occasionally private citizens. OREM assists these individuals and organizations in drafting legislation for the purpose of conveying property for a variety of public, private and socially conscious uses and is often called upon by the Legislature and the Executive Office to provide advice with respect to pending land bills.

OREM administers license agreements, which grant the right of entry and use of a particular property subject to certain terms and conditions. A license agreement does not convey an interest in real estate but allows the use of property for up to one year.  

Telecommunications Leasing Program
This program makes state-owned property under the control of the Executive Branch available through long-term lease to wireless providers and tower management companies for the installation of telecommunications equipment.   

Please see our telecommunications page to learn more about our opportunities.