The Manual for Leasing and State Office Planning was developed by the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance  (DCAMM) in conjunction with members of the Real Property Work Group established by the Executive Office for Administration and Finance in 1995. The Manual is designed to be a practical guide and reference for Agency facilities staff and attorneys responsible for the Agency"s leases. It sets forth simplified leasing procedures and provides the tools for facilities planning and space planning. The Manual was first published in April 1996, 

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Chapter 1 Introduction pdf format of chapter-1.pdf

Chapter 2 Facilities Planning pdf format of chapter-2.pdf

Chapter 2 provides guidance in overall facilities planning, options for meeting an Agency"s facilities needs, and determining needs for an individual office or facility. The goal is to enable agencies to plan for facilities in a manner which promotes cost-effective solutions that support Agency program goals and provides adaptability for changes in operations and technology.

Chapter 3 Acquisition and Management of Leases pdf format of chapter-3.pdf

Chapter 3 describes the role and responsibilities of the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) and the Agency in acquiring and managing leased space.

Chapter 4 Standards for Facilities Planning

Chapter 4 contains information on procedures and use of standard forms and documents necessary for state office planning, solicitation of lease proposals, and completion and execution of a lease.

This Chapter contains the following seven Sections: