Salton Stall Building
Martha Goldsmith, Director

The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) Office of Leasing and State Office Planning (OLSOP), is responsible for meeting office and related space needs of state agencies. More specifically, the office is responsible for 1) the state's leasing activity when the Commonwealth is the tenant, 2) management of three multi-tenant state office buildings, and 3) planning and reconfiguration assistance to agencies to meet their changing office needs. OLSOP manages over 500 leases covering about 8 million square fee of leased space.

Leasing Services
DCAMM, on behalf of the Commonwealth, leases more than 7 million square feet of space from private and public landlords. Leasing services include acquisition of new leases and management of active leases. OLSOP procures new leases through open and competitive solicitation of proposals to meet an agency's needs and provides the real estate services to evaluate potential sites, negotiate the lease and any amendments, assist in the design of tenant improvements, and assist agencies to insure that the landlord meets its obligations under the lease.

The Manual for Leasing and State Office Planning pdf format of olsop-man.pdf
file size 1MB was developed to present and explain DCAMM's simplified leasing procedures and to be a practical guide and reference for agency facilities staff and attorneys. The Manual describes the role and responsibilities of DCAMM and the agency in acquiring and managing leased space; provides guidance for facilities planning and space planning; and explains procedures and use of standard forms and documents necessary for planning, solicitation of lease proposals, and completing and executing a lease. It also explains under what circumstances and how an agency may request and the DCAMM Commissioner approve delegation of authority enabling an agency to enter into a lease with DCAMM approval of the transaction.

Property and Asset Management
OLSOP contracts with private property management companies for the operations and maintenance of the State Transportation Building in Boston, the Springfield State Office Building in Springfield, and the Massachusetts Information Technology Center in Chelsea. These buildings are occupied by 29 state agencies. OLSOP's goal is to provide cost-effective management, meet the needs of the tenant agencies, and maintain the buildings in good condition to enhance management of these state assets.

Office Planning
The office provides design services to agencies to assist them in reconfiguring office space to meet changing needs. The office works with an agency to understand its changing needs, develop a plan to reconfigure available office space within the agency's budget, obtain cost proposals from specific contractors and vendors, and develop an implementation plan. If requested, the office can also assist in managing the work of contractors and vendors.