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The following standard forms and instructions are used to assist in the acquisition of leased space. These standard forms may not be altered.

Facility Plan, Form 1 is used to describe the User Agency's needs for leased space. It is used when acquiring leased space and when amending or extending an existing lease. These forms provide the information to prepare a Request for Proposals (RFP), lease amendment or tenancy agreement, or to take other appropriate action.

Forms 1, 1A, 1B, and 1 C rtf format of 15-2-27-form-1-with-worksheets-1a-1b-1c.pdf.rtf
Forms 1, 1A, 1B, and 1 C  pdf format of 15-2-27-form-1-with-worksheets-1a-1b-1c.pdf

Form 1D xls format of form1d.xls
 Form 1D pdf format of form1d.pdf

Agency Recommendation Summary, Form 2 is used, following completion of the proposal evaluations, to summarize the User Agency's recommendation to DCAMM to accept a specific proposal and finalize a lease, reject all proposals received, or proceed with a lease of public space.

Agency Recommendation Summary, Form 2 xls format of form2.xls
 Agency Recommendation Summary, Form 2 pdf format of form2.pdf

Transaction Approval, Form 3 is used to document for the Comptroller approval of a new lease, lease amendment, tenancy, or other type of agreement.

Transaction Approval, Form 3  xls format of 15-2-19 Form 3
Transaction Approval, Form 3 pdf format of 15-2-19 Form 3

Occupancy Termination Form, Form 4 is used to confirm the date on which a lease or other rental agreement terminates.

Occupancy Termination Form, Form 4 doc format of form4.doc
 Occupancy Termination Form, Form 4 pdf format of form4.pdf

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