• Firewall Services

    E2E service requests related to firewalls, including installation, access, and support.
  • The Virtual Private Network (VPN) Process

    The process outlined for both internal and external requests.
  • Dataset Access

    Gain/grant access to a specific data set on the mainframe. Only data set owners can submit this form.
  • RSA Secure ID Token

    RSA SecurID tokens are used to provide a two-factor user authentication where required. Network Security works with the customer to determine if SecurID will be required to authenticate to a service/application. SSU issues SecurIDs to users needing access to these resources. Currently we have tokens that have been purchased by EOTSS or the agency. SSU maintains the inventory regardless of how they were purchased.
  • SSL Certificates

    EOTSS purchases 12 month SSL server certificates from VeriSign. Agencies requiring a certificate are directed to this VeriSign website dedicated to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to request a cert.
  • System Access

    Grant system access to EOTSS mainframes of a state-wide application managed by EOTSS. If you require a UAID for any other reason this form will be required. You must be a security administrator to submit these requests.