I need access through the firewall.

Service Description

This service request is required in order for access to be granted through an existing firewall at an agency site or MITC that is manage by EOTSS. These firewalls ensure that only authorized TCP/IP ports and protocols are allowed in/out of the different agencies.

When requesting a firewall change, the Security Engineering team requires approximately 2 1/2 weeks change control notice. For example, if a request comes in Tuesday before close of business (COB) (5:00 PM), it will be reviewed no later than COB the following Thursday, and if this request adheres to policy, it will be implemented by the COB the following Friday.

Prerequisites or Dependencies

An agency should use this service request when attempting to complete one of the following tasks:

  • Adding a new rule for access between the agency and the state Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Deleting an old rule that is no longer needed or is out of commission
  • Adding a new firewall port that adheres to policy
  • Adding a new employee IP address where appropriate

All new DMZ applications require a Public Access Architecture document to be filled out, and not a firewall request.

Benefits to Agency

The primary benefit of this service is that agencies will have more control over the ports and protocols allowed into their Local Area Network (LAN) from the state Wide Area Network (WAN) and more control of the the traffic out of their network to the state WAN and the internet.