I need a firewall installed at my agency.

Service Description

This process involves the racking of a firewall, loading the OS, installing software, connection to the Security Monitoring system, and connecting to the firewall management system.

When requesting an Install Agency Firewall DMZ/XDMZ, the Security Engineering team works with the agency to get all information and all necessary requirements. Security Engineering is responsible for getting all the quotes for all equipment, and creating firewall changes, DNS changes, and all essential changes that need to happen. There is no set time frame on this process, seeing that equipment needs to be ordered and shipped, and from there, change controls must be entered. After all equipment is received, there is a minimum of a 3 week period to assemble and test all equipment prior to the change control being scheduled.

Prerequisites or Dependencies

An agency should use this service request when attempting to complete one of the following tasks:

  • I need a firewall
  • I want to make my hosted application available through the internet and/or need my agency better protected and want a firewall installed

Benefits to Agency

Once this process has been completed, an agency will be able to host an internet accessible application.