I need support for remotely deployed firewalls.

Service Description

This service request is required for assistance in installing, managing, maintaining, and supporting remotely deployed firewalls located at many different agency locations. These firewalls ensure that only authorized TCP/IP ports and protocols are allowed in/out of the different agencies and agency located internal or internet DMZ's.

Prerequisites or Dependencies

This type of a request will only be implemented as part of a project for a new internet or internal application being hosted at an agency or EOTSS. In addition to this, there is also a Public Access Architecture document and TCP/IP address space request required. This also requires the procurement of equipment; so from the date equipment is received, EOTSS will need 3 weeks prior to any change controls being scheduled. A BAR is required for this because EOTSS purchases all equipment and charges this back to the agency.

Benefits to Agency

The primary benefit of this service is that agencies will have more control over the ports and protocols allowed into their local area network (LAN) from the state wide area network (WAN) and more control of the the traffic out of their network to the state WAN and the internet.