It’s your data. We just opened it.

Putting Technology to Work for Better Outcomes

The Commonwealth Open Data Portal highlights Massachusetts’s commitment to transparency in government.

This initiative serves to increase public awareness of and access to government data, enhance government transparency and accountability, and encourage civic engagement and economic development.

Open data is, by definition, appropriate for public use.  It never includes data that is private, confidential, or protected by laws.


Bridging the Gap

Providing easy, user-friendly access to open data is a cornerstone of the Commonwealth’s digital strategy for driving innovation. By consolidating and publishing open state and local data, government can help technologists, businesses, and residents develop new solutions that support and catalyze the work of state government.


Unlocking Opportunities

Our Open Data Portal is a hub for research, visualization, and exploration of existing public data sets in the Commonwealth. Check out available open data and begin unlocking opportunities.