• Chargeback Services

    Chargeback services include monthly billing, detailed chargeback reporting, and annual estimates and forecasts.
  • Enhanced Procurement Project

    For future reference, this page may be accessed by using http://www.mass.gov/itd/enhancedprocurementproject.

    The purpose of the EPP is to identify opportunities for savings in the Commonwealth's procurement of information technology by aggregating demand and improving management of the Commonwealth's relationships with information technology vendors.
  • PC Leasing Program

    An operational lease will be used by all Executive Branch agencies for procurement of desktops, laptops and tablets. Leasing will ensure that equipment refresh is incorporated into an agency's operational budgets. The operational leasing model will minimize operating budget spikes due to equipment refresh requirements.
  • Procurement Forms & Boiler Plate Language

    A link to our legal guidance page which contains a compilation of forms, templates and tools to assist customers in procuring IT services.
  • FAQs Regarding Information Technology Procurement Using Statewide IT Contracts

    Addresses questions that Massachusetts Executive Department agencies, agency counsel, procurement team leads, and their Chief Information Officers (CIOs) may have with regards to conducting a procurement for IT hardware, software or services under a Statewide Contract.
  • Executive Order 504: Procurement Standards and Procedures

    This document outlines mandatory procurement standards and procedures adopted by EOTSS under the authority granted to it under EO 504.
  • EOTSS Procurement Procedures

    If you are an EOTSS employee, please visit the intranet/employee portal for in-house procedures.