• Chargeback Overview

    The Massachusetts Office of Information Technology (MassIt) is authorized by the legislature to chargeback agencies/entities for services provided. This page outlines how MassIT manages its Chargeback program.
  • MassIT FY2016 Chargeback Rates

    Annually MassIT estimates its costs needed to be recovered through chargeback for the up-coming fiscal year. Our process then integrates the latest service offing usage information to produce our annual chargeback rates. For FY2016 MassIT has frozen its rates (with few exceptions) at FY2015 levels. This was a decision made due to many cost variables which were not finite enough for accurate rate-setting (ERIP’s/approved backfills at service offering levels/etc). MassIT only revised rates where anticipated usage was such that over-collection of revenue (at a service level basis) was certain (rate was decreased accordingly) or where support for a service was discontinued. The FY2016 rate sheet identifies those rates which have changed.

  • FY2016 Chargeback Rate Sheet  xlsx format of FY2016 Chargeback Rate Sheet

  • FY16 Chargeback Guide  doc format of FY16 Chargeback Guide

  • Archived State Services & Rates

    This page contains the previous fiscal year's final rates for comparison and historical reference.