The Massachusetts Office of Information Technology (MassIT) is authorized by the legislature to chargeback agencies/entities for services provided. MassIT operates under a "cost-recovery" model and uses a "chargeback methodology" to recover its expenses. Anticipated expenses are recovered through monthly chargeback billings. Expenses recovered include; MassIT direct labor support; hardware and software maintenance; vendor management costs; equipment leases/TELP's (if applicable); Massachusetts Information Technology Center (MITC) rent; etc.


Existing Services:

For all customers who currently utilize this service, MassIT prepares an annual chargeback estimate of their expected costs. This estimate is included in the annual Internal Encumbrance (IE) amount which MassIT proposes at the beginning of each fiscal year. It is the customers' responsibility to review and assess MassIT's annual estimates. If the customer feels that an adjustment is warranted, they are empowered to make the adjustment, with the understanding that the customer is ultimately responsible for all actual usage incurred. Agencies/entities are asked to communicate the desire for a change along with the supporting analysis to the assigned MassIT Service Account Manager and the MassIT Chargeback Revenue Manager prior to making adjustments to their IE.


New Services:

For customers who are seeking to add this service to their existing compliment of services (or for those customers who are engaging initial services with MassIT) an estimate of the customers billable cost will be developed during the engagement process. The Business Application Request (BAR) form will be completed during this time. This document contains and outlines several important items:

  • Any one-time costs that are to be billed,
  • Monthly and annual estimated recurring charges,
  • Customer chargeback account code for billing purposes,
  • Appropriate organizational approval signatures.

When new services are added to customers existing compliment of MassIT services, an adjustment to the Internal Encumbrance (IE) will be prepared.


COMiT Service Requests

COMiT Service Request


Lead Time (Days)

Chargeback Account MaintenanceThis is a request to add, change or delete Chargeback account information. You must be an authorized administrator to request this service.

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