v.2 12/18/03

The following scenarios could be included in any lease agreement; if deemed appropriate by the Commonwealth agency. Agencies should not assume that any of the following items are included in any lease. If an item/activity is not explicitly written into the lease agreement, then it most likely is not included. Inclusion of any of the items below may increase the overall cost of the lease. Agencies should work closely with the leasing company to determine any additional costs built into the leasing agreement based on options selected.

  • Does the agency want the leasing company to unpack and distribute the equipment to the desktop?
  • Does the agency want the leasing company to unpack, distribute the equipment to the desktop and connect the equipment to the network?
  • Does the agency want the old or existing equipment removed and disposed of? If so:
    • The number of CPUs and monitors need to be identified
    • The agency must determine if the leasing company will be responsible for wiping the hard drive.
    • Does the agency want a certificate of responsible disposal from the leasing company?
  • Does the agency want the leasing company to perform asset tracking? If yes, the agency needs to clarify with the leasing company the details of what will be tracked and how that information will be shared with the agency.
  • Agencies need to decide their payment schedule for the lease, monthly or yearly. Yearly payments will result in lower payments than will a monthly schedule.
  • Does an agency want the ability to upgrade the OS during the term of the lease? If yes, this may result in a significant increase in the leasing costs.
  • The agency needs to determine who is responsible for what activities when a lease term is completed. Who will be responsible for:
    • Inventorying equipment?
    • Packing equipment?
    • Shipping equipment (including cost to ship)
    • Special disposal requirements such as hard drive wipe.
  • Agencies should identify with the leasing company the process if a piece of hardware is found missing during the term of the lease.
    • How should the loss be reported?
    • What cost is paid by the agency for the equipment?
      • The cost of the equipment at lease inception?
      • The depreciated cost of the equipment at the time of the loss?
      • Other?

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