• Commonwealth Innovation

    In keeping with the Commonwealth's commitment to changing the way government does business, the Government Innovation Office is implementing innovative ways to improve efficiency and streamline the delivery of government services.  The Innovation Office is constantly working to improve the experience with state government for residents, businesses and municipalities.  The Innovation Office is also working to boost internal government efficiencies, leverage technology to improve services and save money, and improve performance for state employees and residents alike.  As the Office continues to drive innovation, efficiency, and successful service delivery for state government, updates on innovative projects and creative ways to deliver services will be posted on this site and on our blog, Mass Innovation.

  • Capital Planning & Program Management

    The mission of the Program Management Office (PMO) is to enhance ITD's ability to successfully deliver high quality projects and ensure that the Commonwealth receives full value on its capital investments in information technology. In order to accomplish this, the Program Management Office Provides project management service for initiatives that are hosted at the ITD Data Center and manages the Commonwealth's IT Capital Program to fund projects across state government.
  • MassIT Goals

  • CommonWiki

    Link to Commonwealth of Massachusetts Wiki
  • Strategic Planning

    IT Strategic Planning for the Commonwealth is a collaboration between the principal IT governance groups, the IT Advisory Board and the CIO Cabinet, and the wider IT and policy communities. ITD participates in and provides support for strategic planning activities.
  • IT Consolidation

    An Executive Order mandate for departments within the Executive Branch.
  • IT Readiness

    For future reference, this page may be accessed by using www.mass.gov/itd/pandemic.

    Resources regarding continuity of government during a pandemic.
  • State and Local IT Information Exchange Listserv

    The State and Local IT Information Exchange listserv facilitates communication and problem solving among state agencies and municipalities.