• IT Consolidation Initiative

    This wiki page is the main planning and communications tool for the consolidation initiative. It is an active and evolving medium for the development of consolidation plans and provides constituents and government employees a transparent view into the consolidation while allowing for feedback in the form of comments.
  • Executive Order 549 (Mass. Register # 1255)  pdf format of Executive Order 549 (Mass. Register # 1255)

    Issued January 31, 2014

    Enhancing the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Executive Department's Information Technology Systems (Superseding Executive Order 523 pdf format of Executive Order 523 (Mass. Register # 1161)

  • Executive Order 532

  • IT Strategic Plan

    Secretariat IT Consolidation is the primary key initiative identified in this Plan.
  • Secretariat consolidation memo  doc format of Secretariat consolidation memo

    A memorandum to Secretaries, Chiefs of Staff, Agency and Department Heads, Human Resource Directors, Legislative Directors, Chief Financial Officers, General Counsels, CIO Cabinet and IT Council that provides more detail about the consolidation, why it is important, and the plan to implement it.