The Commonwealth is facing difficult economic times and must take whatever actions possible to ensure that state government can continue to provide services to the public. While not the whole answer by any means, information technology offers the promise of new and more effective services while at the same time leveraging scarce resources for greater efficiency.

As next steps, we will effectively communicate the plan to key stakeholders, including policy and legislative leaders, and keep them apprised of the progress we make in implementing the key initiatives. The program manager will be assigned and the individual conveners will be charged with initiating work for each initiative. We will review the plan on an annual basis to make necessary updates and adjustments.

We are at a unique moment in time: The needs are great, but we have the resources for wise investment to help meet those needs, a clear sense of urgency to move forward, and the collective will to act. This plan, with its far-reaching but achievable vision and roadmap for action, is a blueprint for investment of energy and resources over the next three years-an IT strategy for the Commonwealth.

Created 12/1/08: Information provided by ITD's Planning & Strategy Office