C. Supporting Initiatives

The initiatives described below are already underway. They are included in this strategic plan to underscore their importance in building the foundation necessary to achieve the vision.

Second data center
DescriptionThe new IT Bond provides funding for a second Commonwealth Data Center located in Springfield
  • Increase the data center capacity for Commonwealth systems
  • Improve the availability of Commonwealth systems
  • Create a state-of-the art "green" data center
Major Components
  • Complete the site selection process
  • Obtain agency application recovery requirements
  • Design the new data center to meet the program requirements and Greening-of-IT objectives
  • Construct the new data center
  • Commission the data center and migrate systems/applications
System modernization
DescriptionThe new IT Bond provides funding for the modernization of enterprise mission-critical Commonwealth systems
  • Re-engineer business processes and where appropriate continue to move services online
  • Re-architect systems using Service Oriented Architectures while leveraging existing investments where possible
  • Create shared infrastructure and business components that can be used by other applications and agencies
  • Build accessibility features into systems where appropriate
Major Components
  • Draft vision and conceptual architecture for each system
  • Evaluate marketplace using mechanisms such as Requests for Information
  • Construct procurement and contract using best practices for complex IT projects
  • Manage project using Commonwealth standard project management methodologies
IT recruitment and training
DescriptionImplement a coordinated approach for IT staff recruitment and training across the enterprise. A partnership with UMass is being implemented to provide IT training for staff and recruitment of graduating computer science majors for permanent jobs.
  • Provide a cost-effective mechanism to ensure the currency of skills for IT staff
  • Provide a pipe-line of new talent to address potential staffing shortfalls presented by an aging workforce
  • Prevent duplication of training and recruitment efforts by taking an enterprise approach
Major Components
  • Assess results of pilot
  • Identify additional training needs
  • Identify consistent funding model
  • Develop a plan to scale program to meet needs
  • Manage and oversee program
  • Evaluate program results
Project management methodology
DescriptionEstablish consistent project management standards across all agencies to ensure projects are completed on-time, on-budget and on-value
  • Leverage industry best practices to develop the "Commonwealth Way" for project management
  • Increase level of skills and proficiency for Commonwealth project managers
  • Produce artifacts that will enable effective project oversight
Major Components
  • Draft project management methodology and standards
  • Train staff on new methodology
  • Evaluate effectiveness continually, and modify methodology as necessary

Created 12/2/08: Information provided by ITD's Planning & Strategy Office