The following lists the members of the E-Government taskforce. Those in shaded rows are also members of the Steering Committee.




Hon. A. Paul Cellucci

Public Sector Co-Chair, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Robert Davis

Private Sector Co-Chair, Vice Chairman, Terra Lycos S. A.


Hon. Jane M. Swift

Lieutenant Governor

Stephen P. Crosby

Secretary, Executive Office for Administration and Finance

Peter Forman

Undersecretary, Executive Office for Administration and Finance

Dominick Ianno

Director of Communications, Executive Office for Administration and Finance

Jerome Shea

Deputy Chief of Staff, Governor's Office

Heather Spence

Administrative Assistant, Governor's Office

Stacey Rainey

Deputy Chief of Staff, Governor's Office

David Lewis

Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Division

Val Asbedian

Director of Strategic Planning, Information Technology Division

Claudia Boldman

E-Government Coordinator, Information Technology Division

Martin J. Benison

State Comptroller, Office of the State Comptroller

Frederick A. Laskey

Commissioner, Department of Revenue

Daniel Grabauskas

Registrar, Registry of Motor Vehicles

Jennifer Davis Carey

Director, Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation

Robert Durand

Secretary, Executive Office of Environmental Affairs

William D. O'Leary

Secretary, Executive Office of Health and Human Services

Lorraine Greiff

Acting Director, Massachusetts Office on Disability

Philmore Anderson

Purchasing Agent, Operational Services Division

Jane Perlov

Secretary, Executive Office of Public Safety

Kevin J. Sullivan

Secretary, Executive Office of Transportation and Construction

Lillian Glickman

Secretary, Executive Office of Elder Affairs

Jane Gumble

Director, Department of Housing and Community Development

Robert Ebersole

Associate Director, Department of Housing and Community Development

Elizabeth Ames

Director, Department of Economic Development

Dean Serpa

Director, Mass. Office of Business Development

Angelo Buonopane

Director, Department of Labor and Workforce Development

William M. Bulger

President, University of Massachusetts

David Gray

Chief Information Officer, University of Massachusetts President's Office

Stephen P. Tocco

Chairman, Board of Higher Education

David P. Driscoll

Commissioner, Department of Education

William Galvin

Secretary of the Commonwealth

Teresa Kinsella

Director of Administration, Department of State Treasurer

John Beveridge

Deputy Auditor, Office of State Auditor

Jeff Shapiro

Chief of Staff, Office of Attorney General

Hon. Barbara A. Dortch-Okara

Chief Justice, Administrative Office of the Trial Court

Ray Campbell

Executive Director, MassInteraction

Hon. Thomas M. Finneran

Speaker of the House of Representatives

Ted Constan

Chief of Staff, Office of Senate President Birmingham

Bruce E. Tarr

Senator, Massachusetts State Senate

Arthur J. Broadhurst

Chair, House Committee on Science and Technology

David P. Magnani

Chair, Senate Committee on Science and Technology

Mary Anne Padien

Legislative Director, Office of Senator Magnani

Francis L. Marini

Representative, Massachusetts House of Representatives

Stephen Y. Chow

Perkins, Smith & Cohen, LLP (NCUSL Commissioner)

Edwin Smith

Bingham Dana, LLP (NCUSL Commissioner)

Virginia Buckingham

Executive Director and CEO, Massachusetts Port Authority (MassPort)

Andrew S. Natsios

Chairman, Massachusetts Turnpike Authority

Thomas A. Kelley

Director of IT, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Michael P. Hogan

Executive Director, Massachusetts Development Finance Agency

John Wilder

Vice President for IT, Mass. Development Finance Agency

Steven D. Pierce

Executive Director, Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency


Shikhar Ghosh

Chairman, Massachusetts Software and Internet Council

Kirk Campbell

President and CEO, International Data Corp.

Aaron McPherson

Research Manager, International Data Corp.

David Stein

Acting Chairman and CEO, Reach Internet Incubator


David Allen

National Federation of Independent Businesses

Julie Fagan

Berkshire Council for Growth

Scott Morin

Boston Chamber of Commerce

James G. Welch

Regional Chambers of Commerce

Robert Rio

Associated Industries of Mass.


Jerilyn Asher

Chairman, eHealthDirect

Robert Mudge

President, Verizon Massachusetts

James Messenger

President Operations and Technology, Fidelity Investments

Madeline Mooney

Vice President of Corporate Communications, Terra Lycos, S.A.

John Rourke

Principal, Radius Capital Partners

Christopher Supple

Senior Counsel, Holland & Knight LLP


Edgar Dworsky

Founder, Consumer World

Deborah E. Banda

State Director, AARP Massachusetts


Dr. Jerry Mechling

Director, Strategic Computing and Telecommunications in the Public Sector, JFK School of Government, Harvard University

Dr. Diran Apelian

Director Metal Processing Institute, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Dr. Leslie Ball

Associate Dean, University of Massachusetts


Geoffrey Beckwith

Executive Director, Massachusetts Municipal Association