As part of the strategy effort for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Accenture mapped and analyzed 1318 pages of the Commonwealth web site. For each page, Accenture documented 13 qualities (the text in bold corresponds to the column headings on the matrix):
  • The Secretariat identifies the Commonwealth Agency Site categorized.
  • The Division is the Department within the Secretariat, if applicable.
  • The title of the Page
  • The URL of the page
  • The Number of Clicks from the State Homepage
  • A brief Description of Page Function summarizes what the page offers, the purpose.
  • The Stakeholder Grouping identifies the customer grouping to which the information contained on the website applied. The purpose is to help identify what customers would benefit the most from having quick access to the information contained on that agencies page/site.
  • The Complexity of the Interact and Transact Pages names what type of functions is available for the user.
  • The page Complexity Level classified as Publish, Interact, or Transact
    • Publish: Info available for passive use, including links. Excluding input fields, searches.
    • Interact 1: Email, search, look-up capability
    • Interact 2: User can input multiple data points to obtain customized report
    • Interact 3: Activities just short of transactional
    • Transact: Users can complete full transactions online, w/o using anything but the Internet
    • Integrate: Back-end systems of different agencies are integrated to create the appearance of a single, seamless transaction for the user
  • Whether the page contains a Link to the State Homepage
  • The page's Look and Feel, identified as State, Secretariat, Division, or Unique
  • The Cluster Function of the page (this is a categorization of content)

This map contains selected web pages for the Executive Branch, Constitutional Officers, Legislative Branch, Judicial Branch, District Attorneys, Authorities, and Quasi-Public Agencies as of February 20, 2001.

The Web Services Matrix shows that the Massachusetts site is massive, but that it has relatively few actual transactions.

Categorization of 1318 Pages of the Massachusetts website

Categorization of 1318 Pages of the Massachusetts Website

A closer look at the interactions shows that they are mainly email and search functions with very few actual robust transactions, such as online forms to submit.

Categorization of 507 Interact Pages of the Massachusetts website

Categorization of 507 "Interact" Pages of the Massachusetts Website

Categorization of 1318 Pages of the Massachusetts website by customer group

An analysis of the Massachusetts site shows that the existing services mainly serve four different customer groups: residents, businesses, government, and state employees.

Categorization of 1318 Pages of the Massachusetts Website by Customer Group