Massachusetts Electronic Government Initiative

Task Force Workgroup Member Lists

Funding and Revenue Generation

Chair: Fred Laskey (Commissioner, Department of Revenue)

Vice-Chair: Bob Nevins (Deputy Commissioner, Department of Revenue)

ITD Analyst: Sylvia Kauffman

  1. Paul Ackerman (PSInet)

  1. Michael Alogna (Executive Office for Administration and Finance, Assistant Secretary for Management and Operations)

  1. Louis Angeloni (Information Technology Division, Chief Financial Officer)

  1. Melissa Cummings (Department of Revenue, Strategic Planning Director)

  1. Aaron D'Elia (Fiscal Affairs Division, Fiscal Policy Analyst)

  1. Michael Guerin (Department of Revenue, Bureau Chief)

  1. Kevin Killarney (MBTA, Manager of Pass Programs)

  1. Kevin Moran (Office of State Comptroller, Revenue)

  1. Susan Parker (Department of Revenue, PACT Coordinator)

  1. Jeff Shapiro (Office of Attorney General) - TF

  1. Sarah Schick (Department of Education)

  1. David Stein (Reach Internet Incubator) - TF

  1. Thomas Thurston (Anexsys)

Organizational Support/Governance

Chair: Dan Grabauskas (Registry of Motor Vehicles)

ITD Analysts: Pamela Booth

Heidi Glunz

  1. Geoffrey Beckwith (Massachusetts Municipal Association)

  1. John Beveridge (Office of the State Auditor) - TF

  1. Craig Burlingame (City of Boston)

  1. Anne Collins (Registry of Motor Vehicles)

  1. Anna DosSantos (Information Technology Division, Director of Enterprise Applications Bureau)

  1. Robert Ebersole (Department of Housing and Community Development ) - TF

  1. Jack Gracey (Executive Office for Administration and Finance, Regulation Review)

  1. Alec Gray (General Counsel Trial Court)

  1. Catherine Greene (Office of Attorney General, Executive Bureau Senior Counsel)

  1. Pam MacLeod (Executive Office for Administration and Finance, Policy Development Coordinator)

  1. Mary Maloney (Office of State Comptroller)

  1. Larry McConnell (Registry of Motor Vehicles)

  1. Paul O'Neill (Department of Labor and Workforce Development, General Counsel)

  1. Henry Swiniarski (Executive Office of Health and Human Services)

  1. John Wilder (Massachusetts Development Finance Agency) - TF

Policy and Legal Framework

Chair: Ray Campbell (CEO, MassInteraction)

Vice-Chair: Edwin Smith (Partner, Bingham Dana, LLP)

ITD Analyst: Sylvia Kauffman

  1. Jim Belli (Information Technology Division)

  1. John Beveridge (Office of the State Auditor) - TF

  1. Sarah Bourne (Information Technology Division, Director of Internet Services Group)

  1. Stephen Y. Chow (Perkins, Smith, and Cohen, LLP) - TF

  1. Nancy Conboy (Office of Senator Magnani)

  1. Tom Ericson (Office of State Auditor)

  1. Frances Gould (Office of the Secretary of State)

  1. Dan Greenwood (Special Counsel for E-Commerce, Information Technology Division)

  1. Linda Hamel (Division of Occupational Safety, General Counsel)

  1. Jenny Hedderman (Office of State Comptroller, Legal Counsel)

  1. Michael Hurley (Senate President's Office)

  1. Mary Jeka (eHealthdirect) - TF

  1. David Mcauley (Office of Senator Magnani) - TF

  1. William McAvoy (Operational Services Division, Legal Counsel)

  1. Aaron McPherson (International Data Corp.) - TF

  1. Brian Mulcahy (Administrative Office of the Trial Courts)

  1. Mary Anne Padien (Office of Senator Magnani) - TF

  1. Robert Rio (Associated Industries of Massachusetts) - TF

  1. John Ziemba (Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation)

Marketing and Branding

Chair: John Rourke (Principal, Radius Capital Partners)

Vice-Chair: Diane Ledwell (Deputy Comptroller, Office of the State Comptroller)

ITD Analysts: Pamela Booth

Heidi Glunz

  1. Sue Bristol (Executive Office of Transportation and Construction and Mass. Highway Department)

  1. Edgar Dworsky (Consumer World) - TF

  1. F J Gould (Imagitas)

  1. Thomas Hopcroft (Mass

  1. Kevin Killarney (MBTA, Manager of Pass Programs)

  1. Wyndham Lewis (Registry of Motor Vehicles)

  1. Scott Morin (Boston Chamber of Commerce) - TF

  1. Pam Russell (Office of Rep. Francis Marini)

  1. Christopher Supple (Holland & Knight, LLP) - TF

  1. Jack Troast (Department of Economic Development)


John Conway (Sapient Corporation)

Tracey Esherick (Fidelity Investments)

Accessibility and the Digital Divide

Chair: Jennifer Davis Carey (Director, Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation)

Vice-Chair: Lorraine Greiff (Acting Director, Massachusetts Office on Disability)

ITD Analysts: Pamela Booth

Heidi Glunz

1. Deborah Banda (AARP) - TF

2. Elmer Bartels (Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission)

3. Judy Brewer (Worldwide Web Consortium)

4. Kevin Cote (Cisco Systems)

5. Carolyn Dallas (Margaret Fuller House)

6. David Driscoll (Department of Education) - TF

7. David Govostes (Massachusetts Commission for the Blind)

8. Patricia Hart (Massachusetts Commission for the Blind)

9. Tim Healy (Office of Consumer Affairs)

10. Chuck Hitchcock (Center for Applied Special Technology)

11. Marylyn Howe (Massachusetts Assistive Technology Project)

12. Michael Hurley (Senate President's Office)

13. Barbara E. Lybarger (Office on Disability)

14. Barbara Miller (Office of State Comptroller)

15. Barbara Mirabello (Office of State Comptroller)

16. Pam Russell (Office of Rep. Francis Marini)

17. Andrew Schreiner (Office of Senator Magnani)

18. Andrew Sears (Bruce Wall Ministries PREP Computer Training)

19. Dave Weineke (Mass Interaction)

20. Joe Zukowski (Verizon)

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